New Stlyes, New Poll, and Contests

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Which do you want for the favicon/blavitar?  (this picture is on the tab or to the let of the URL)  The names have been erased so it can’t influence your vote. 


Second order of business, I am, going to create a poll for agents. (IT WILL NOT BE WHO GETS TO BE AN AGENT!)   It will be who I recommend, and I will recommend up to 3 people a week.


Time for the contests!  You will be added to my “Contest Winners Page” and when we get trade or gift back you will get the prize.  First, figure out who I am….simple?  Ganzy already did it, but there will be 3 winners!   1st place: anything 2000 bugs.   2nd place: anything 1500 bugs.   3rd place:  Blue hat and angle suit.  Next, I will pick a random person on my friends list AFTER  MY NAME HAS BEED DISCOVERED and that person will get a mummy suit!!!  WOO HOO!   That’s it, See ya later!



UCLE: Its not on the door but the window,

look for number 1 in alphabet form.

And always remember look high and low,

for it’s only apart of the whole,


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