New Stuff

Hey guys, Mondo here.  It seems like everyone is showing off there wardrobe, so here is mine!… 

(click to enlarge)







Lemme’ know what you think!

  Second, we are going to enter Cheats4Chobots 2.0, newer and better backgrounds, and cooler colors!  I may even be able to add music, special widgets, and stuff like that.

 Canab is almost 365!  So is I and Umka.  (click their names to track) I heard that I and Umka aer going to have a party on the 23rd, and they invited Hiki!  Will Canab have his party the same time?  I will definatly be there (not I the chobot, I as in me)

 Last, I am still looking for some authors, I need more comments!!!!!!



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