10 Day T-shirts

Did you get your 10 day t-shirt? I know a lot of people that did!  Check it out!   (click images to make bigger)






New Chobots.com homepage features


Cool Ya =D

(Sory I just realised I cant embed it :S )

Contact Us!

If you want us (me or mondobob) to post some of your art work, poems, pictures, or anything else, then emial it/them to cheats4chobots@yahoo.com  

I am not mondobob but is related to him.  I will reveal my identity when ever someone figures it out. 

BTW, did you here that some agnets are going bad 😮



New Clothes!

The first one costs 3000 bugs and the second costs 1500.



Looking for Authors

I am also looking for two good authors and I already have one in mind. Last thing is that I need someone who has photoshop or Paint Shop Pro and can make a good head, not too much and not too little. I know a few chobots (Help and Star) that are really good at that so you can look at their work to get an idea. The person that makes the header that I use will automaticly become an author. So that’s 3 (2) authors I’m looking for.


This site has already over 100 views on the very first 24 hours it was open! At this rate, we will catch up to chobot and his blog in no time (but it will take a while)!

In other news, Hiki has been on every day and has had “quickie parties” while on.  This is how she plans them…First she logs on chobots.  Then goes to a popular hang-out spot like the Cafe or Park.  Very quickly a mob forms around her.  Word gets out…more people come…and there is the party!


Also,  when do you think AA’s (Agent’s Allowances) are coming out?

#1 Blogs

Hey chobots! Mondobob here.  I just want to say I will be keeping track of my FAVORITE blogs.  There will be a new “Blog of the Week” every week and all of the archives will make it into my blog-roll.  To start off, I am going to give you five awesome websites. (PS: Automatically, the “Mod Blogs” will get in into the blog-roll)



Jessie2000’s Blog

Royaltapdancer’s Blog

Clear’s Blog